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You may just be starting on your lycra obsession, or it may have been a passion for years. Focusing on your personalised nutrition, at any age, will support you to reach your next goal.......... and beyond.



There is no 'n+1' when

it comes to your body.


Getting a new bike is exciting. You notice the faster and smoother ride, Then we change the seat, get better wheels, change the tyres. There is always going to be a new toy in the cycling world. 


But these are only going to take you so far. 


Working on the machine that is you, with the same focus as you care for your bike, can make a difference to the internal engine. It could help you beat a mate up that 10% climb next time, or improving your time on the track. You may be:


  • experiencing recurrent injuries

  • too tired to train

  • experiencing digestive issues during training or events

  • suffering from IBS

  • unable to lose weight despite dieting

  • not seeing the benefits of the training you are putting in

Is your gut slowing you down?

And I don't mean that little paunch that may be there after holidays.

Did you know that the symptoms of acid reflux, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea are going to be inhibiting your performance? 

All of these imbalances need to be addressed if you want to improve your performance and recovery.  These may be something that you have been living with for a long time.

I can help you support these symptoms using the latest functional testing. We will aim to get your digestion as finely tuned as your bike. 



  • Increase energy levels and improve performance

  • Manage your personalised nutrient requirements 

  • Support recovery 

  • Improve your immunity - no more colds!

  • Decrease aches and pains 

  • Optimise digestion

  • Tackle your weight loss targets to improve power to weight ratio





This package includes:

  • An initial consultation (approx 90 minutes) to get a full health history

  • Two follow up consultations (45-60mins)

  • A program of foods to focus on and foods to avoid

  • Testing recommendation and interpretation

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Reasonable email contact throughout to support your progress. 


For someone who would like a little more coaching through changes

  • An initial consultation (approx 90 minutes) to get a full health history

  • Weekly follow up appointments 

  • A program of foods to focus on and foods to avoid

  • Personalised Meal Recommendations

  • Testing recommendation and interpretation

  • Supplement recommendations

  • Reasonable email contact throughout to support your progress. 


This package includes:

Functional testing to the value of £850

  • Adrenal Stress Profile 

  • Athlete DNA test

  • Optimum Nutrition Evaluation 

Also included: 

  • Four  1-1 consultations 

  • Testing interpretation

  • Personalised nutrition recommendations

  • Personalised meal suggestions

  • Personalised supplement plan

  • Email support throughout


ON GOING Support

Monthly reviews & email support       

Quarterly Reviews                                 

Ad-hoc follow up appointments        

Ongoing support is available following the completion of a package



I believe that cycling is one of life's greatest pleasures. 

My  small achievements (and they have been quite small ......... to date) that I have had on my bike have been some of the most awesome. My first time up Mont Ventoux followed by the descent into Bedoin grinning ear to ear is one of my favourite memories on my bike.

I began my journey in nutrition in my late 20's dealing with my own health issues. It altered my life so dramatically for the better  that I trained as a Nutritional Therapist. I love working with people and seeing the incredible improvements in their health. But that extra kick in seeing someone fill their lives with 'Mont Ventoux' moments, in peak fitness, is pretty special. 

I know that  with my knowledge, my cycling is going to improve year on year and I want to work with others to give them this same opportunity. 


Catherine has given me a real understanding of my body and it’s nutritional needs. Thanks to her explanations and advice, my new knowledge of nutrition and my approach to food mean I now feel empowered to be fully in charge of my own well-being.


And it has made a huge difference! My energy levels are dramatically higher- allowing me to successfully tackle a number of major sporting challenges….and enjoy an everyday busy life. I am rid of a number of health problems that were plaguing me, and feel and look much happier and healthier. People now frequently tell me how well I look & ask what I have changed!


Catherine is very professional and also personable. She is a great listener- always non-judgemental & very practical. She creates a personalised , totally bespoke programme, which she adjusts according to results and needs. Her passion shines through – she really cares and wants to do the best for her clients.

Amber, Herts 

My main concern that lead me to seek help from Catherine was recurrent calf injuries, which despite strength work and other interventions still occurred with monotonous regularity and were therefore holding me back from achieving my racing goals.


Catherine listens! She doesn't try to second guess what the issue might be and coming from a sporting background herself understands the needs of the athlete/ sports person. She's very easy to talk to, has a great sense of humour and knows her nutritional stuff inside out.


Having worked with Catherine for several weeks now I have a far greater understanding of what my body (no one -size- fits- all here) requires, not just in terms of nutrients but perhaps more importantly, in terms of other  elements, enzymes, vitamins etc, needed to improve my body's absorption of those nutrients, all of which specifically target my original injury concerns.


I have no hesitation in highly recommending Catherine to anyone serious about their training. Her knowledge, ability to cut to the chase and the resources she draws upon have been invaluable to me in my sporting endeavours.

Nick, Bucks 

“Since working with Catherine to understand my specific  nutrient needs, my health has improved immensely. I have less joint pain and my sinus allergies which I have been managing have reduced greatly. I feel like I have more energy and the anxiousness that I was concerned that I would need to put up with throughout the menopause has also ebbed away”.

Margaret, London

“I have enjoyed working with Catherine to support my health and wellbeing. At each stage, she has helped me implement changes that I feel are achievable whilst continuing to eat a variety of my favourite foods. My energy levels and low mood has improved and I feel that I have my lust for life back.”


Deborah, Twickenham

catherine steel


Online consultations 

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