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I can thoroughly recommend Catherine’s nutritional services.


She has given me a real understanding of my body and it’s nutritional needs. Thanks to her explanations and advice, my new knowledge of nutrition and my approach to food mean I now feel empowered to be fully in charge of my own well-being.


And it has made a huge difference! My energy levels are dramatically higher- allowing me to successfully tackle a number of major sporting challenges….and enjoy everyday busy life. I am rid of a number of health problems that were plaguing me, and feel and look much happier and healthier. People now frequently tell me how well I look & ask what I have changed!


Catherine is very professional and also personable. She is a great listener- always non-judgemental & very practical. She creates a personalised, totally bespoke programme, which she adjusts according to results and needs. Her passion shines through – she really cares and wants to do the best for her clients.


Thanks to Catherine I now feel amazing – and ready to tackle my next challenges with total confidence.